Black Sox Softball Analyst Role for Craig Soper

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Southland Softball boss Craig Soper has been included in the Black Sox management staff as they look to lead the way in world softball.

Soper has been included in the setup as a technical and strategy analysist with a major compo-nent looking at the video technology.

The Southland Softball Association chief executive has an impressive background in business strategies and he wants to play his part in helping in the strategic setup of the Black Sox.

The Demons team from Invercargill, which was placed 11th in the club championships this year, will get the chance to play against semiprofessional teams from Asia.

Soper said New Zealand was held in very high regard in international softball circles and when news filtered through that a club team from New Zealand was coming to play in the tournament, many of the teams went on recruiting missions to bolster their pitching stocks.

One team has picked up New Zealand pitcher Jeremy Manley for the tournament.

Soper has a big month or so in front of him as he first wears the glove playing for Demons in Brunei, and then links up with the Black Sox as part of their management team fro the tour of the United States and Canada.

Soper agrees it will be a busy time for him but says to work alongside the national team is a dream come true.

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