What is Unique About Trading Power (Electricity) for Trevor Neil

 Advanced Market Timing Experts Workshop 2011, Master Market Timing with the Leading Technical Analyst

Advanced Market Timing Experts Workshop 2011, Master Market Timing with the Leading Technical Analyst

What is Unique About Trading Power (Electricity) for Trevor Neil, Course Director of Technical Analysis Workshops in Singapore and Hong Kong

In an interview conducted by Amber Hestla with Trevor Neil, Managing Director, BETA Group, and course director of the upcoming Advanced Market Timing Experts Workshop 2011 (Singapore, June 20th-21st 2011, and Hong Kong, June 23rd-24th 2011, he describes his job and the unique characteristics of trading commodities, in particular, power, an area where more and more proprietary traders are focusing on.

How would you describe your job?

I am a fund manager and use my long market experience to offer market timing skills courses for institutional clients. I have a prestigious list of intuitional clients from all over the world. I manage a small £14 million fund. This is a closed fund and includes my own money. This started in July 2010 and has done well so far, ahead of its benchmark. I have managed hedge funds twice previously in my career.

I enjoy the training side of my work very much. Most of my seminars are in-house for dealers, fund managers, prop traders or analysts within banks, hedge funds and other institutions. I also run a few open seminars but these are aimed at an institutional audience. The seminars are popular and successful with desk managers and HR departments and allow me to travel extensively. Last year I worked in companies in China, Singapore, Australia, several in Eastern Europe and the UAE. Lots of work in London too, of course. We also run consultancy and mentoring services for selected clients.

What led you to look at the particular markets you specialize in as opposed to another tradable?

I started trading soft commodities on the floor of exchange in London. When the LIFFE market opened in London, many of us commodities traders switched to financial futures. Since then I have traded forex, equities, and derivatives over the last 30 years. But there is always something new and exciting in this business. I have recently been working extensively with those who trade Power (electricity). This is very interesting and the market is developing fast in Europe. It is different (it is almost impossible to store) and so it is valuable but disappears. When it rains you get more than you need. It is hard to control supply. Very different to other commodities. But it charts well and there is a growing number of prop traders involved in the markets.


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