When Will China Take Over the World

As reported by WSJ’s John Bussey, for China to become the economic powerhouse it is predicted to become in this century, the Chinese must fundamentally restructure their economy. Whether it is just a matter of time before China takes over the world will be discussed  at Golden Networking‘s China Leaders Forum 2011, http://www.ChinaLeadersForum.com, October 7, New York City, forum that will examine the challenges facing American companies that want to grow and expand their business in China, the opportunities to find Chinese investment partners that can provide a much-needed capital injection while opening the Chinese market, as well as important considerations to look at so that the high-powered Chinese rocket doesn’t crash anytime soon.

China is becoming the world’s largest economy, it keeps powering on. China is greater than that of about any of the major economy in the world. It is known by them that if they cannot keep doing what they have been doing, 9% growth every year, they have to fundamentally rebalance their economy, restructure the way the government is involved in the economy, and probably restructure a lot of their political system to get to the point where they start looking more like a developed economy, a responsible stakeholder. The longer term we go out, the more it is likely we should pay more attention to.


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