Inflation threat impedes East Asia’s growth

As reported by BBC News, annual growth in the region’s ten largest economies moderated to 8.1%, in the first quarter of 2011, down from 8.4% in the previous three months.

China Leaders Forum 2011, How American Companies can Plug Into The Chinese Rocket-Propelled Economy

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Consumer prices in the region have been rising due to higher food and fuel costs.

East Asia is home to some the world’s fastest-growing economies, including China.

“Inflation in many economies has risen above 10-year averages, either breaching or remaining near the upper end of central bank targets,” the ADB said.

As the region’s economies continue to expand, domestic demand has been growing.

While that has been good for growth, it also has created issues for the governments by putting pressure on inflation rates. These inflation issues happened in Asia will be discussed at Golden Networking‘s China Leaders Forum 2011, October  7.

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