Is China Willing to Open its Economy to Foreign Investment

As reported by Financial Times’s Joshua Chaffin,  China’s refusal to open its economy to foreign investment could backfire by encouraging European politicians to curb Chinese investments on the continent, the European Union’s trade chief has warned.

China Leaders Forum 2011, How American Companies can Plug Into The Chinese Rocket-Propelled Economy

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Karel de Gucht, the trade commissioner, told a business conference in Brussels that “important sectors in  China remain closed or restricted to EU investors”.

He added: “The fundamental imbalance between our openness and  China’s restrictiveness plays into the hands of those in Europe who see Chinese investments as a threat and argue that we should selectively screen Chinese investments into the EU.”

Mr De Gucht’s warning comes at a time when the EU’s debt crisis has increasingly led cash-strapped governments to look to China for funding, but has also heightened fears that they may lose valuable national assets in the process.

The associated issues will be discussed more in detail at  Golden Networking‘s China Leaders Forum 2011, October  7.

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