Stocks! – Lowers after the Holiday Weekend

According to Lynn, reported yesterday, states that stocks were pointing to a lower stance as investors return from the long Christmas holiday weekend. Investors were hoping to stock up and increase trade by the the shopping that was done prior to the holiday, but what was reported was that stocks has plummeted since last week.

Aside from the US, Asia’s stocks has fell according to Lynn. In Japan, Nikkei has fell by 0.5% and in China, the Shanghai Composite has plummeted to more than 1%.

Other countries such as Europe, has experienced a slight rise higher than the US. The US has shifted the focus away from the euro zone’s debt woes. The most sought out trade that was being traded was on technology, healthcare,and utilities.

Some of the most sought out stocks was Apple, Bank of America, Cal-Maine Foods, Freeport McMoRan, MGM Resorts, Sears Holdings, and WMware.
Read More to find out how these stocks are doing in the market.

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