The Economy, new signs of hope

According to Business Week, the US has experienced a rise in stocks since the new year. Companies that has experienced a rise in their stocks include JC Penny Co., Target Co., Citibank, and JP Morgan & Chase Co. The Detusch bank said that they saw “encouraging signs” for the fourth quarter. According to recent news, Bank of America Co. has experienced a 8.4% rise. According to Donald Selkin, the chief strategist in the market for National Securities, states that the people do not see our economy falling into a recession as perceived.

The banks are also recovering. It was reported that the baks such as Citibank rose a 1.2 percent to $28.50 and JP Morgan rose a 2.2 percent to $35.70. The highest rise in banks is Suntrust Banks which has a 5.2 increase. There is a clear improvement in the economy and a growth in the market.


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