Who Are the Smart Grid’s ‘Big Fish’?

As reported by David J. Leeds, last month, GTM Research unveiled its new report, The Networked Grid 150: The End-to-End Smart Grid Vendor Ecosystem Profiles and Rankings.

At the moment, the mantra in smart grid is ‘Software, software, software.’ Across the board, the biggest players are snapping up the most promising software vendors, at a clip we’ve not before witnessed in this industry.

While there have been notable purchases in the past, the acquisition of Ventyx by ABB for over $1 billion (to strengthen the latter’s network management business) was one of the early “Holy cow!” moments. Next was Schneider Electric with its roughly $2 billion takeover of Telvent (soon after having purchased the distribution arm of Areva T&D for more than $1 billion). Meanwhile, GE announced that it was putting much more emphasis on software across the entire company, opening a new facility in northern California and investing as much as $1 billion on software development through 2015. Further, in Q4 2011, GE announced that it is now offering a software-as-a-service solution as part of its solution portfolio, something of a new twist for the industrial giant. GE, it could be argued, has actually been the quietest of the titans on the software-acquisition front. However, having said that, GE did have a nice pickup with Opal at the end of 2010.

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