Sherry urges US business leaders to invest in Pakistan

As reported, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Sherry Rehman has urged American investors to benefit from vast business opportunities Pakistan offers in several potential areas, particularly the energy sector.

Speaking to members of US-Pakistan Business Council, she highlighted the fact that a number of American companies are already successfully doing business in the country and contributing to better economic relations.

“The Council can greatly help in dispelling adverse perceptions in the US by relating to their business success stories in Pakistan to their fellow investors, political leaders and opinion makers,” she said at the US Chamber of Commerce.

Islamabad, she said, is committed in providing suitable environment and level-playing fields to international investors and has been rated atop in South Asia as far ease in doing business is concerned.

The ambassador said one of the key priorities during her assignment in Washington would remain promoting stronger linkages between the private sectors of the two countries.

“The government gives priority to investments in social sectors, programmes that promote justice, development and strengthening of infrastructure, industrialization, economic reforms and trade facilitation,” said the ambassador.

Despite the continuing global financial crisis and regional situation, Pakistan last year achieved a 28 per cent increase in exports, which were worth $ 25 billion.

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