AuthorsLive: CNBC’s Maneet Ahuja to discuss The Alpha Masters

Written during one of the most volatile years for the U.S. markets, The Alpha Masters presents in-depth interviews with the biggest and most successful names in the history of the hedge fund business, including Ray Dalio, John Paulson, David Tepper, Bill Ackman, Marc Lasry and Sonia Gardner, Dan Loeb, Jim Chanos, Boaz Weinstein, Pierre LaGrange and Tim Wong, many of whom have never provided access to their businesses and their lives in this way.

Maneet Ahuja is CNBC’s Hedge Fund Specialist and a producer on “Squawk Box”. She was awarded CNBC’s prestigious Enterprise Award in 2009 for her groundbreaking coverage of the industry. Noteworthy work includes hedge-fund titan David Tepper’s first-ever TV appearance, sparking a two-week “Tepper Rally” in the markets, David Einhorn’s warning call on Lehman Brothers as well as his bid to purchase the Mets, and John Paulson’s letter to investors in response to the SEC investigation into the Goldman Abacus deal. She has covered the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and produces quarterly shows at the Department of Labor with Former Federal Reserve Board President Alan Greenspan as well as Competitiveness Summits at Harvard Business School.

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