AlphaClone’s Rebalanced Hedge Fund Long/Short Index Shows Move Away from Financial Sector

Established hedge fund managers tracked by the AlphaClone Hedge Fund Long/Short Index distanced themselves from Financial sector investments in the second quarter, representing a steep reversal from the previous quarter in which Financials were the index’s most overweight sector relative to the S&P 500.

“The bearish stance may illustrate conviction among hedge funds that Financials are fully valued at these levels, especially in light of various high profile scandals that affected the sector negatively,” says Mazin Jadallah, CEO of AlphaClone LLC.

Notable financial companies in which the index has sold out include Citigroup [NYSE:C], JP Morgan Chase [NYSE:JPM] and Hartford Financial [NYSE: HIG]. Despite the underweighting, Financials are still the second-largest sector represented in the index at a 13 percent allocation. Financial names the index continues to hold include Bank of America [NYSE: BAC], American International Group [NYSE: AIG] and Alleghany Corp. [NYSE: Y], with the latter representing a new index constituent.


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