D.E. Shaw & Co Hedge-Fund Manager Rest on Assets

D.E. Shaw, the über-geeky New York hedge fund that stumbled after moving into real estate and private equity, is back on its game.

This year, Shaw has had the biggest asset growth among the top 20 hedge fund firms in Absolute Return’s Billion Dollar Club, which tracks the biggest hedgies twice a year.

Written by Michelle Celarier, NY Post,  Shaw added $2.4 billion to its hedge-fund coffers this year, a 14 percent gain, bringing its assets to $19.4 billion as of July 1, according to the ranking out today.

Hedge funds in general have had a sluggish year, with only half of funds earning more than 3 percent through July. The industry’s asset growth is not quite as lackluster. US hedge funds managing more than $1 billion now number 268, gaining 6 percent since January to $1.42 trillion. That’s still way below peak assets of $1.68 trillion in mid-2008.


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