Ten Most Popular Healthcare Stocks Among Hedge Funds

By compiling 13F filings from hedge funds and other major investors in our database, we are able to analyze which stocks are in the highest favor with these class of market participants. By adding more information we are not only able to produce a list of the most popular stocks among hedge funds but also to rank stocks in different categories, such as by sector. We have gone through our data and have prepared a list of the most popular healthcare-sector stocks among hedge funds, ranked by the number of funds in our database reporting a position on their 13F. Read on for the full list or see the top ten healthcare stocks from the first quarter.

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE). As stated by Matt Doiron, Pfizer topped our list last quarter and while a couple of hedge funds left the stock- with 75 reporting positions, down from 77 in the first quarter- it remained at the top of the list as well as being the only healthcare stock to make the overall top ten. Tiger Cub Rob Citrone’s Discovery Capital Management increased its stake in Pfizer by 48% during the quarter and according to the 13F it is now one of the fund’s top five holdings (see more of Discovery’s favorite stocks).



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