Why NY Venture Capitalists Should Pay Attention To Foreign Tech Startups

Why NY Venture Capitalists Should Pay Attention To Foreign Tech Startups

I’ve written about the Series A Crunch, and why entrepreneurs can and should consider alternative sources of funding – with a big focus on investment crowdfundingto kickstart the startup’s growth. Securing funding is a constant challenge that many entrepreneurs in the US face these days. Yet, the challenge for foreign tech entrepreneurs is even greater. As innovation becomes a global phenomenon with accelerators, incubators, micro-VCs and seed funds popping up all over the world to jumpstart entrepreneurship, one would expect the distribution of capital to reflect that. However, this is not the case.

Historically, many international entrepreneurs and startups have expanded their operations to Silicon Valley. Being a mature ecosystem, the focus in the Valley is on creating great companies, no matter their origin. This is one of the reasons it’s such a unique place. In fact, the experience and network created in the Valley is so great that it made countries like Canada, Britain and Australia offer incentives for entrepreneurs willing to “pivot” and bring this culture and their startups “home”, so they can create their own versions of Silicon Valley.

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