State-Run Obamacare Exchanges Report 49,100 Enrollees

According to Bloomberg,

Affordable Care Act (Bloomberg)

Affordable Care Act (Bloomberg)

Enrollment through Nov. 10 represents 3 percent of the 1.4 million people projected to sign up in those states by the end of 2014, Washington-based Avalere Health said in a statement today. The data don’t include California, the most populous U.S. state, Massachusetts or Oregon. It also doesn’t account for those enrolled through the federal website serving 36 states.

Insurance companies have received enrollment data for 40,000 to 50,000 people through the U.S. website, the Wall Street Journal reported today, citing two sources it didn’t identify. A nationwide tally of those who used the federal website to enroll in health plans in October is scheduled to be released this week, Obama administration officials said last week, adding they expect enrollment to be low initially. Republican lawmakers have been pressuring the government to reveal just how many sign-ups have been affected by website outages and other flaws plaguing the federal website.


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