FHA Flipping & VA Update; M&A Sweeps Through MI, Banks, and Large Lenders

“Karma means that I can rest easy at night knowing that all the people I treated badly had it coming.” But there is also good karma, and the MBA is creating plenty of it through its free (yes, there is no cost) Mortgage Action Alliance. I receive plenty of comments asking how the Realtors have a powerful lobby and lenders don’t and I always encourage the writer to at least sign up for the MBA’s MAA. The staff sends out news and action items but don’t clog your in-box. In fact, there is no downside whatsoever: you receive news AND you are counted in the MBA’s lobbying efforts.

Leslie Girard sent this little “issue” along. It seems that HSBC notified customers to “Have a Merry Christmas and pay your mortgage or we’ll take your house.” The fun never ends…

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