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Thomson Reuters Introduces New Merger Arbitrage Dataset to Support Event-Driven Hedge Fund Managers

Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, today announced the launch of a new mergers and acquisitions (M&A) dataset to support event-driven hedge fund managers. Thomson Reuters M&A data provides the global asset management and alternative investment management industries with comprehensive coverage of M&A activity worldwide.

Thomson Reuters M&A data incorporates over 900,000 M&A events announced since the late 1970s, currently available to clients through a flexible suite of datafeed offerings. This comprehensive M&A transaction coverage is now accompanied by a new event history companion dataset that features time series data through the evolution of the deal. The multidimensional view of the dates, valuations and events, from announcement to completion, empowers advanced quantitative modeling of completion probability, timeframes and risks over time while delivering competitive insight to asset managers and alternative asset managers worldwide.

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Former M&A and Finance Editor Ken MacFadyen Joins BackBay Communications as Director

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BackBay Communications, a financial services-focused integrated branding, marketing, advertising and public relations firm, has hired Ken MacFadyen as Account Director.

At BackBay, Ken focuses on strategic communications, content development and media relations. Immediately prior to joining BackBay, Ken served as a speechwriter and communications specialist in the Office of the CEO at Panera Bread LLC, a $5 billion market cap national restaurant chain, and before that worked in the Global Communications/Investor Relations group of The TJX Companies, a $40 billion-plus market cap off-price retailer. Prior to his work in corporate communications, Ken spent over a decade in publishing, covering M&A, leveraged finance, private equity and other alternative asset categories. He served as the editor in chief at Mergers & Acquisitions and prior to that served in senior editorial roles at Investment Dealers’ Digest and Buyouts magazine. He holds a BA in English (Phi Beta Kappa) from The University of New Hampshire.

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M&A “clear day” defenses can cloud investor rights

Corporate defenses can hurt investors, rain or shine. Anti-takeover measures adopted on so-called “clear days” – before threats arise – are more likely to weather legal scrutiny. It’s one reason Allergan was able to beat back Valeant’s unwanted $52 billion advance. When such protections are triggered in the heat of battle, though, they’re considered unfair surprises. Either way, shareholders usually get unneeded cover.

U.S. companies have plenty of leeway to set reasonable ground rules for investors. They can pick where to be sued, require lengthy notice of shareholder proposals and use pre-existing business plans to reject hostile bids, so long as they don’t penalize particular investors.

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JPMorgan Sees ‘Strong’ 2015 for German M&A Amid Activism

German mergers and acquisitions will have “another strong year” in 2015, helped by an increase in spinoffs and shareholder activism, a senior JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) banker said.

“We’re coming from a very strong base and therefore it would be really ambitious to say we’ll see clearly more,” Dirk Albersmeier, head of German M&A at JPMorgan, told reporters in Frankfurt.

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In April, 2012, President Barack Obama signed into law the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, which makes it far easier for companies to market their securities to investors. Next month, rules mandated by the JOBS Act and adopted in July by the Securities and Exchange Commission will go into effect that loosen the decades-old prohibitions on general solicitation efforts such as cold calling, mass mailing, and running certain commercials. The rules won’t only apply to, say, start-up tech companies. They’ll also apply to hedge funds, private-equity funds, and other alternative investment funds.

Will we soon see full-page advertisements for hedge funds in the TimesGQ, or Sports Illustrated? Maybe there will be smiling children and a line like “Invest in Cerberus: Your Future and Your Family.” Will they run commercials during the Super Bowl or the Sunday-morning talk shows? What about mass mailings to everyone in the tri-state area who bought a Mercedes-Benz or a Rolex last year? It’s all possible now.

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Hedge Funds Are Sitting On $1 Trillion Of Debt

Hedge Funds Are Sitting On $1 Trillion Of Debt

America’s largest hedge funds have $1.47 trillion in net assets and more than $1 trillion in debt, according to a new report from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The SEC issued the report — the first of its kind — to Congress last week, according to Bloomberg.

Under Dodd-Frank, legislators directed the SEC to collect information from hedge funds and private equity firms.

The new reporting rules require hedge fund managers with more than than $1.5 billion in gross assets to file quarterly with the SEC (and for each separate fund with more than $500 million, they have to further detail leverage and risk).

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George Clooney zaps hedge fund billionaire as ‘carpetbagger’

George Clooney zaps hedge fund billionaire as ‘carpetbagger’

Actor George Clooney attacked one of Wall Street’s most famous hedge fund managers, billionaire Daniel Loeb, accusing him of criticizing Hollywood studios for their business practices, while failing to understand the movie industry himself.

“(Loeb) calls himself an activist investor, and I would call him a carpetbagger, and one who is trying to spread a climate of fear that pushes studios to want to make only tent poles (big blockbuster movies),” Clooney said in an interview with the Hollywood industry web site, Deadline.com.

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